March 26, 2023
Case Study
New Midland Station

The new Midland Station, is the redefinition of an ageing transport interchange on the periphery of an historical town centre. The new precinct facilitates the smooth transfer of passengers between modes of transport, reconnects the adjacent districts and welcomes passengers to Midland, celebrating the deep history of the area in its built form and public realm.

Through the Reference Design stage these principles shaped the design response to deliver a new station precinct design that celebrates its unique context and excites the local community, successfully respecting both its industrial railway history and its spiritual connection to Noongar boodja.

Element Advisory worked with the project design team to ensure that the new transport hub contributed to a more cohesive wider precinct, stitching together two disparate halves of Midland. Through urban analysis and in-depth research into the industrial heritage and First Nations connection to the region, element established the guiding place principles for the precinct design.

The result is a design that improves connectivity across the railway track and into the surrounding commercial precinct, speaks authentically to the precinct’s connection to Noongar Country, provides safe and attractive public realm and creates a clear sense of arrival with a new landmark for Midland.

Working with the project design team, Element Advisory provided design and planning advice, steering the Reference Design proposals through the SDRP process to submit a two-stage DA approval in late 2022 and early 2023. Supporting the DA are the Place Plan, Public Art Plan and Heritage Impact Statement.